2011-2012 Hearings

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September 24, 2012

State Capitol, Room 126


The Community Based Adult Services Transition: Impacts to Participants, Families and Communities

Hearing Agenda 09-24-12

Issue Paper 09-24-12



March 13, 2012

State Capitol, Room 126


Who Cares? Planning, Protecting and Paying for the Future of Caregiving in California

Hearing Agenda 03-13-12

Issue Paper 03-13-12



March 7, 2012

State Capitol, Room 4202



Long-Term Care Integration and Medi-Cal Managed Care: The Future for Beneficiaries, The Work Force, and Our Health Care System

Hearing Agenda 03-07-12

Background Paper 03-07-12



December 9, 2011

Ronald Reagan State Building, Auditorium

300 South Spring Street

Los Angeles, CA 90013



Fiscal Forecast for Older Women: POOR

Hearing Agenda 12-9-11

Issue Paper 12-9-11

Fiscal Forecast for Older Women: POOR - Final Report



August 16, 2011

State Capitol, Room 437




Costs and Consequences: Elimination of the Adult Day Health Care Medi-Cal Optional Benefit

Hearing Agenda 08-16-11

Issue Paper 08-16-11

Transition to Nowhere by Mariko Yamada


May 17, 2011

State Capitol, Room 127


What is California's Plan for Home- and Community-Based Services? What are our Choices?

Hearing Agenda 05-17-11

Issue Paper 05-17-11



February 22, 2011

State Capitol, Room 126


Financial Scams to Surveillance Cams: Spotlight on Elder and Adult Abuse

Hearing Agenda 02-22-11

Issue Paper 02-22-11


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